Greek Nation :: Customer Artwork Program
Do you have artistic bones in your body? Are you good with graphics programs? Then Greek Nation’s Custom Artwork Program might be right for you. It’s a way for aspiring artists or creative people to share original designs with the Greek community while gaining notoriety for your work & making extra cash.

Greek Nation’s current designs are divided into 3 different categories. However, keep in mind that some designs can fit into more than one category. It all depends on the complexity of the artwork.

Twill or Fashion Film designs are usually simple outline designs and generally involve 1-2 layers/colors. They tend not to have lots of elaborate detail as the individual pieces need to be cut out of fabric and placed onto the garment. These can be as simple as a heart, star or captain’s wheel or as complex as a sunflower, sword or skull & crossbones.

Embroidery designs are usually more intricate and involve many different colors and segments. The classic example of an embroidered design is a crest/shield. Embroidered designs may use a fabric backing or pieces of fabric as a background but oftentimes use embroidered stitches to complete the intricate details like hair, eyes or fingers.

Screen printed designs are usually mass produced for t-shirts. These designs can have many layers and colors. The artwork must be submitted in a format where the colors are able to be separated for printing. Most artwork (including some pictures) can be replicated in screen printing. However, keep in mind there are limitations such as gradients or subtle highlights.

Here’s how our program works.

1. Prepare File
Designs must be computer generated. File types such as jpg, gif, psd, pdf and cdr are all acceptable formats. Other formats will be accepted but are not guaranteed to be compatible with our software. For best results, artwork should be layered if possible. (Note: Vectorized artwork is preferred but not required.)

2. Submit Your Design
Email your design to
3. Receive a Bid
If we can use your artwork, Greek Nation will send you back a bid within 7 business days of your artwork submittal. Bids are in the range of $10 - $75 depending on complexity and our ability to use the file or design. The bid will include a letter or authorization giving Greek Nation and its clients the ability to use the artwork on future orders.

4. Accept the Bid
If you accept the bid, send the letter or authorization back to us at and Greek Nation will send you payment for the artwork.

5. Tag Your Artwork
Greek Nation will display your artwork on our website in the customization section. You can choose to “tag” and “name” your designs on our website (optional).

As you develop more designs, you can get to the point where you have a designated gallery! Share your work on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking platform.

  • Using a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw produces the best results.
  • Create specific designs for your organization (although designs are not limited to any group).
  • Collaborate with others and share designs on our website.
  • The most commonly submitted artwork is usually embroidered designs.
  • Feel free to contact our Art Department at any time to confirm what programs or versions we have in store.

  • Green Nation will purchase the design for exclusive use on our website.
  • Purchased designs cannot be sold, reproduced or displayed on any other website without exclusive written permission from Greek Nation.
  • Greek Nation reserves the right to reject artwork based on design, format or appearance.
  • Greek Nation will not use artwork that is present or taken from other websites.
  • Greek Nation reserves the right to remove artwork from the website for any reason.