Reward Points Policy

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Reward Points Terms and Conditions
Rewards points are earned on purchase price EXCLUDING TAXES AND SHIPPING CHARGES

Earning Reward Points:  
Rewards points are automatically added to your account upon successful completion of orders. 

Redemption of Reward Points:  
  • Only previously earned reward points that appear in the account Balance are allowed for Redemption. 
  • Rewards points can only be redeemed with a new order placement.
  • Rewards redemption is only allowed if the sub total (without tax and shipping) of the order value (i.e. charges excluding tax and shipping) is greater than Rewards value. 
    • For example, your rewards value is $10 then the order you are placing must be at least $11 to be allowed to redeem the $10 rewards value.

Rewards Adjusted:  
For orders that are cancelled rewards points will be deducted from the Reward Points balance by the Greek nation admin. This transaction may not send a notification to the account holder.

Special Conditions:
  • Greek Nation reserves the right to cancel the rewards program at any time without any prior notice and remove all the reward points balances from customer accounts.
  • Reward points can only be redeemed by the account that earned them. Transfer of rewards points are not allowed and not supported.

Acceptance of Reward Points Terms and Conditions:
By using the rewards points, you automatically accept these terms and conditions listed above.